The Social Forestry Division, Tawang came into being on May 1st, 1986 with Headquarters at Tawang prior to which it existed as Range under Bomdila Forest Division. The territorial jurisdiction of the Tawang Social Forestry Division is co-terminus with the District boundary of Tawang District with a total area of 2085 Sq Km. The Division is situated in between longitudes 27⁰22” East 27⁰45” East and Latitude 90⁰45” North to 92⁰15” North. The Boundary description is as follows:

North   :-Mc Mohan Line (Chinese Borders)

East     :-Bomdila Forest Division

South   :-Bhutan

West    :-Bhutan


Current Departmental Works…

1.Green India Mission: Restoration of Wetlands

2.Mission one lakh trees

3.Diversion Cases: Status Report

4.Rhododendron Park: BADP Work

5.Nature Interpretation Work

6.Creation of 101 Ha Plantation: Lumla Range

7.Avenue Plantation: Near Buddha Statue and Tawang-Jang Main Road

8.Modern Nursery: Mist Chambers etc

9.Medicinal Plant demonstration plot (2Ha): T-Gompa (Jungle Camp)

10.Awareness and education Program

Please see the subsequent pages for further details.

Forest Density map of Tawang