The land use and land cover of the Tawang area includes snow, forest lands, scrub/alpine scrub, alpine meadow, cultivation/settlements, barren/ rockyland and water body. Large area of Tawang is covered by snow, which occupies 55.18% of the total area. Dense, open and degraded forest lands together occupy 55810.7 ha, which is 16.31% of the total area. Moraines occupy 41354.78 ha, which is 12.10% of the catchment area. Significant area of 39998.17 ha is covered by barren/ rockyland, which is 11.70% of the total area. Lakes and river together occupy an area of 4763.22 ha, which contributes 1.40% of the total catchment. Types of land use and land cover and their geographic area are summarized in the Pie-Chart below.

Different categories of land use/ land cover (LULC)


A great site for eco-tourism:

Jang-Nuranag Waterfall: Famous place of shooting Shahrukh Khan and Madhuri Dixit in Hindi film Koyla. One can see the beauty and majesty of the Nuranag fall near Tawang chu at Jang. And, the rainbow at this site epitomizes the beauty of water fall. The waterfall is beauty personified in it with the sound of the water like a perfect melody thus creating a perfect symphony.


High Altitude Wetlands ecosystem offers great opportunity of work under Wetland restoration work of Green India Mission of MoEf & CC.

  1. Pangkang Teng Tso: ‘Tso’ means lake in Monpa. The Pangkang Teng Tso also known as P.T Tso is about 13 Kms away to the north from Tawang. The lake looks straight out of a postcard. To describe it in a lay man’s words, it looks like a blue lapis lazuli and on a clear day is surrounded by flowers of all colours in the spring season and during the winter months, it is stark white.
  1. Shungester Lake: It is also famous with name Madhuri lake due to shooting of Hindi film KOYLA. 42 kms away from Tawang town, the lake was formed due to massive rockslide blocking the stream flowing beneath it. lt has bare trees in the middle of the lake thus giving a ‘guards on vigil’ kind of impression. A reflection of the blue sky makes the lake look beautiful like a samaritan’s soul and captivating like the eye of a gypsy.
  1. Banga- Janga Lake: Though 101 kms away from Tawang town, the beauty and serenity of Banggachang makes it a visit worth making. The untouched beauty, the blue lakes, the wild flowers, the story of mythical sights of butter lamps burning, apparitions of Gompas makes this place all the more alluring and gives oneself a feeling of peace.