With the generous suggestion of Shri Sonam Chombay, IRS then Secretary in Govt of Arunachal, the idea of mission of greening Tawang emerged. Consequently, a day long plantation drive was initiated by the Division under “Mission one lakh tree” program in SSB campus, Tawang in presence of Deputy Commandant Shri Kaikho Athikho and his men, where 500 nos of conifers sapling were planted on slopes and unused patches basically to check land slide and erosion and later a similar programme was conducted in special bureau Complex in presence of SB office staff and hugely assisted by students of Higher Secondary School and 550 numbers of saplings were planted in befitting way. The concept of programme with school student was to motivate the idea of eco-warrior approach for containing environmental issues which would go a long way in symbiotic and peaceful coexistence.


Plantation drive in SSB Tawang Premise: August 13th, 2016

Forests are of immense importance to us not only due to its economic value but to social, cultural and religious values as well. And, in the current time where we have witnessed tragic events of land-slides in Tawang, value of forests due to its huge anchorage capacity has become multi-folds. In a place like Tawang with utmost scenic beauty and harsh climate, forests serve as lifeline to almost every individual. It provides fire-woods which creates life-survival environment for all of us. Considering, people’s utmost bonafide needs Dept of Environment & Forests has gone for massive plantation.

Plantation drive in SB Complex by Govt Higher Secondary School Students: August 13th, 2016

Mission one lakh tree shall be implemented in phase manner in various locations under Tawang District to increase green cover against the unutilised, degraded and vulnerable land patches in systematic manner by adopting scientific approach. The department is trying to entertain social needs of plantation by involving almost every stake holder be it civil society, Army Personal, GREF or other socio-religious groups. In past, it has distributed around 20,000 plant saplings of varying species and committed to serve the needs of local populace.

Mission 1 lakh Trees was organised at Chuje GG with Col. Sanjay Garg, CO, 281 FD

Regiment his officials and forest staff of Tawang Tawang: October 1st, 2016

Trees being implemented on 18th Army engineer’s compound: 21st August 2015

Plantation was continued at Buddha Park, Tawang in presence of SP Tawang Shri M.K Meena IPS

DC Tawang Shri Sang Phuntsok, IAS, kindly agreed to spare some time in greening Tawang Mission. He was accompanied by Superintendent of Police Shri.M.K Meena, IPS. The mission was accompalished with help of department field staff. And, avenue plantation along Jang-Tawang highway under mission 1 lakh trees was done.