The rhododendron festival is celebrated in a big way during April-May when the flowers bloom. Rhododendron trees are grown for their spectacular flowers. The word rhododendron means red tree in Greek, referring to the red flowers commonly associated with the species. The first ever Tawang Rhodo Festival 2014 was organised at Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh to create awareness on sustainable development in the fragile eco-system of Arunachal Himalayas. Over 50 important species of rhododendron are found in Tawang region. As part of the border area development programme, the three-day festival is organised by the district administration in cooperation of the NGOs and travel and tour operators, keeping in view the necessity of conserving the unique eco-system of the eastern Himalayas.

As part of the festival, a trekking expedition up to the Indo-China border region is also conducted. The tree, 5-10 metres in height, grows in semi-dense temperate forests along with other known species of rhododendron and shrubs at an altitude of above 2,400 metres.