The Eco-Warriors


The concept of Eco-Warriors is essentially based on environmental activism & also practiced elsewhere in some other form in various places across the world. Tawang Eco-Warriors too is a similar concept catering exclusively to the environmental concerns specifically of Tawang District as a whole. It is a maiden initiative taken by then Divisional Forest Office, Tawang Shri Pradeep P Wahule, IFS; where main thrust is put on creating awareness across the District on vital environmental issues.

The awareness program which started in August 2014, comprised of a series of lectures which were conducted in more than 25 schools across the District. It included interactive sessions with students ranging from class III to class XII on environmentally pertinent topics.  The program looks forward to creating environmentally aware student communities and other responsible citizens who will be responsive to the environmental issues pertinent to the District thereby forming a motivated “Eco-Warrior Movement”    of a sort crusading against all wrongs happening with the environment.

AIM: The feeling of ‘I am an Eco Warrior’ to be generated in every individual of the society (Through awareness activities) so that life style changes are introduced and that being Eco- friendly is not an imposition but a way of life.


  • Taking up mass plantation drives.
  • Participating in mass cleanliness drives.
  • To take part in special occasions like World Environment Day, Wildlife Week, Vanamahotsava etc.
  • To conduct awareness programs related to Deforestation, Pollution, Plastic Management, Recycling Wastes, and Nature Conservation etc.
  • To conduct spot fixing (to identify areas that need to be beautified and develop them accordingly).
  • Participation in competitions organized.
  • Members may post articles, Eco- ideas on the Tawang Eco –Warrior Facebook page.


Chief Patron:  Hon’ble MLA ,Tawang.

Chairman:       DC Tawang.


  1. SP Tawang.
  2. DFO Tawang.
  3. DMO Tawang
  4. DDSE Tawang
  5. Deputy Director, UD and Housing, Tawang.


  1. RFO Tawang.
  2. Prominent Social Worker
  3. Representatives from Public Leaders.
  4. Representative from Tawang Monastery.
  5. Representative from Market Committee.
  6. Representatives from prominent NGOs of the District.
  7. Representative from a prominent Tour Operator
  8. Representative from Tawang Student Union Body.


  1. Any of the Members could propose as to when and where the Eco-Warriors need to be called for any Eco-activity.
  2. Any Eco-activity conducted needs to be necessarily informed in advance to the Chairman.
  3. A systematic communication chain between committee members and volunteers to be made yearly for effective coordination.

Eco-Warriors Pledge:

Main paryavaran rakshak hoon

Main hamesha paryavaran ki raksha karunga

Main hamesha paani ki bachat karunga

Main hamesha pradooshan ko rokunga jisse hawa, paani aur zameen dooshit ho rahin hain

Main khoob saare pedh lagaunga aur unka hamesha khayal rakhunga

Main hamesha vatavaran ko swachch aur saaf rakhunga

Main hamesha vanya jeevon ka khayal rakhunga

Main yeh sab karunga kyonki main ek paryavaran rakshak hoon

Main ek paryavaran rakshak hoon

Ishwar muzhe shakti de

Courtesy: Sh PP Wahule, IFS

The Aim and Purpose:

Meanwhile the Department intends to request the schools, where awareness classes have already been taken, to select at least 15 motivated and enthusiastic students to be a member of the “Eco-Warrior Group”. All schools in the District eventually will form a big group of more than 250 motivated students. The role of these students would be diverse which can enumerate as follows:

  1. They will be part of the team for mass cleanliness drives in various locations in the District including remote villages where smaller teams would even take up a role to educate the villagers on the importance of environmental issues.
  2. They would be instrumental in creating mass awareness pertaining to problems related to plastic, forest fires, deforestation, soil and water conservation etc.
  3. Performing skit presentations/ street plays on various environmentally sensitive issues.
  4. Participating in Eco-Treks for sensitizing locals on important environmental issues.
  5. Educating tourists and pilgrims, which visit Tawang in large numbers, on cleanliness and non-biodegradable waste management during important festivals  which is a regular routine in Tawang. Appropriate marking system for commendable contributions would be developed for individual Eco-Warriors or sub-group of Eco-Warriors. They would then be appropriately rewarded during important public functions and celebrations to keep up their spirits in contributing towards the good work.
  6. The school authorities would also be playing an important role in monitoring and coordinating the activities of their Eco-Warriors.

 The Way Ahead:

Though it seems an arduous task to actually bring this vision into a reality, it is not impossible as the students are quite responsive to environmental issues in the District. With proper motivation and guidance they would indeed work as Warriors of the Environment in true sense of its spirit. It could be just a matter of time, and with good planning, coordination and support from all concerned in the District and State this not-so-distant dream could become a reality.