To create public awareness in preservation and conservation of environment and nature, celebration of Vanamahotsav is organized at Tawang once in a year. A month-long celebration program is inaugurated by some public leader in which school children are briefed about the importance of conservation of environment and forests for survival of human beings and control global warming. The District administration also appeals to all to make concerted efforts to save forests to maintain ecological balance and people are urged to plant more saplings to make the district greener. The Division gets adequate support from the Commander of 190 Mtn Bde, and from the Army in its endeavour to make the district clean and green. All Head of Departments of Tawang attends the program. In addition to these, Tawang forest department distributes free saplings throughout the months for planting with theme “Plant Them Love Them”.

Vanamahotsav is generally celebrated from the first week of July. The celebration in Tawang, however, is usually done in advance keeping in mind the early plantation season of the district.